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Greenpeace Case Study

Greenpeace wished to raise public awareness to influence the outcome of a United Nations' vote on the future of commercial whaling.

Members of the LandersMadden team faced a number of challenges in relaying the Greenpeace message to the public. To start, the majority of journalists saw Greenpeace and the "Save the Whales" cause as passť, and the U.S. Government's silence on the issue gave international policy journalists no cause for exploration. Further, the government of Japan had successfully executed an international pro-whaling campaign, which included the release of falsified scientific studies to justify their whaling quotas, while commercial whaling advocates had already successfully co-opted the issues of indigenous cultures and sustenance whaling.

The team focused on national and international news outlets in an effort to garner maximum exposure for the issue. We raised the media's awareness of illegal whaling activities and other efforts conducted by pro-whaling countries seeking a repeal of the moratorium and cultivated feature articles in national news broadcast and key daily publications such as Newsweek, CBS, and Associated Press. We also conducted an online viral campaign.

This resulted in increased levels of awareness established among the public through coverage in national and trade media, with appearances in top-ten broadcast news markets and significant issue coverage in national news magazines (i.e. Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Kyodo News International, Newsweek, Newsweek International, Reuters, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, and NBC). Also, our online viral campaign received industry awards for innovation and impact.

Our efforts paid off: at the International Whaling Commission in Nairobi, Kenya, we organized the distribution of a sympathetic Newsweek feature we had secured. Voter sentiment was reversed following the article's circulation and the moratorium was upheld.

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